"There are various ways of organizing around the issue of aggressive development in New York City. One way is to host a screening in your area. Use REZONING HARLEM as a tool to bring these very vital issues to the surface. Download the Discussion guide and use it as a way to stimulate ideas. Here are some suggestions for ways in which to screen the film:

  • Invite community members to your local community center where the film can be screened to kick start a discussion with local activists about rezoning/development issues in your neighborhood.

  • Ask your community board to screen the film before or after one of the monthly meetings. This is a great opportunity to get board members to discuss how they can begin taking measures to participate in the planning of their community.

  • Suggest a screening to any local grassroots organization working in your area to preserve and organize for more affordable housing.

  • Host a screening in your living room! Invite friends and family over to discuss how they can become active in their community. Viewing the film in a more intimate setting can provide a safe space for those who are not accustomed to being active in the community."